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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  June 1, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we have seen some amazing things happening since about 3:00 this afternoon when we saw potential thunderstorm activity. it's impacting carroll county, baltimore county, anne arundel county. finksburg with tree limbs down and other situations happening out to the west. it's been two cells that we have
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been look at so far this afternoon. the first one passed through doing a lot of damage in the carroll county area. a lot of water came in strong storm that brought quote a bit of rain, decent amount of hail and strong winds. we want to go over to our meteorologist. mike, tell us where things stand. >> i want to go over to harbor cam. we'll go to radar in a second. what we're looking at on harbor cam what we're seeing is a stud cloud. we see a twisting of the wind. we're seeing the clouds lower a bit. that's a stud cloud. if we see there touch the surface, that's a tornado. within the system, south of the inner harbor toward brooklyn
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park, that's where we see the best shot of a possible tornado. this really divides it up nicely. there's the latest sweep. you can see right along 95 over the southern parts of the city limits going out toward rosedale. that stud cloud on harbor cam that will stay south of the city limits. go north over towson along york road and along 83, this is where we're going to see the flash flooding and the potential for some large hail. maryland's most powerful showing hail ranging between ping pong to golf ball sized hail. let has put a storm track on this and start you on the zone with the potential of a tornado, rosedale around 5:41. essex and cross into the chesapeake around 5:49. so, again, this is the area that
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has potential tornado. we've seen a lot of potential. it's showing a broad area of rotation. we're not seeing that tight cup let where we have the coloring, red and green close together. that's an indication of the strong rotation. this is more broad. it's going to be bad news because it's bringing a good amount of rain. a tornado warning for all of baltimore, baltimore city and even the brooklyn park section of town. the national weather service feels like it's dying some but still needs to be monitored, still very gusty winds. we have a active work until
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5:15. there are additional storms forming to the south of us. it has to roll toward the north. everybody still fair game to see the potential tornado for all of the city limits back down to the southern chesapeake as they roll to the north and east. this is the second part set up from washington county through west have va -- west virginia. as this moves through, it will move through quickly, but going to exacerbate much of carroll county out to all of baltimore county. we stand to see more significant lightning and significant hail. we have to traffic part two of the system that's rolling in. that will be here between 7:00 and 8:00. the deal right now. we have multiple thunderstorms that are fair game for testing tornadic levels and back out to
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the west. this is the second part of the line. so joce a two-part system. we don't have active tornado warnings but we are going to cep an eye on that. out to the west, we got to see what this does. the atmosphere earlier was allowed to cook some more, so a lot of instability. back to you. >> we're monitoring the severe storms. we want to get to other breaking news. there has been a crash on interstate 95 northbound. it is a truck fire in harford county that has closed i-95 northbound. it's opening up. traffic is getting by. this is the camera facing south, the southbound lanes pretty clogged as people watch this truck fear. now traffic is beginning to get bay on the northbound side of 95. this is near the exit for maryland 1512 in the -- 152 in the fallston area, so
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complicating matters more. this truck fire is beginning to get cleared on 95. we'll keep you updated. we want to tell you about other news that's been happening including disturbing new details in the murder and cannibalism case out in harford county. the alleged killer attacked a man in his morgan state university dorm. the fellow students said odd behavior punctuated his life on campus, though. jeff hager has more. >> reporter: people said alexander can ua came off odd but any hints that he could be dangerous or evil recently surfaced. >> three said body parts were everywhere. >> reporter: police discovered the dismembered bodies in an apartment in joppa. >> they fond other body parts in the dumpster. >> reporter: but 21-year-old
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alexander's canua's confession left his fellow students at mer gan state university searching for answers. >> real crazy to hear, like eating someone's brain and heart. >> reporter: a week before the murder, a 37-year-old -- police responded to a call on morgan's campus where officers arrested canua in connection with a savage assault. >> he hit someone in the head with a baseball. >> reporter: freed on bond, they believe canua may have returned to campus the day of cody's murder to spray paint this graffiti. the vandal ex-includes a monstrous face with jagged teeth and a separate groups with three sixes and an upside down cross.
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they said he came across has anything but normal in this thought process. >> he was a cruel person but he would talk strange, talk about strange things but didn't make anything of it. >> he seemed off but was always talking about other things but we never got into this his whole cult thing. >> reporter: spns no one wit -- since no one witnessed it, they said it could be someone else who's posing a risk to their safety. now an update to breaking news we first brought you on baltimore city police said one of their officers shot a man this afternoon. it happened just after 1:30 in upper fells point near eastern avenue. police say the office are was responding to a reported burglary when he fond two men breaking into a home. the officer fired several times
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and hit one of the men. he was taken to shock trauma. an 8-year-old hit by an suv has died. >> reporter: the cleanup is underway after a horrific accident. five children, including a toddler struck and pinned under an suv and a mon tan of bricks. the daughter passed awant she said i was terrified because the driveway is next to my son's room. i heard the mother calling for help. police said the 33-year-old mother also as a son turning two tomorrow who is among the injured. she was reversing her large ford expedition into the driveway when she made a grave mistake. >> she mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of the brake.
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>> reporter: the mother had been arguing outside with then itnant who lives upstairs. >> the woman was upset but not out of control. >> reporter: the landlord wanted the mother evicted. >> she was troubled. didn't keep the house cleaned. tried to talk to her but didn't comply. >> reporter: an 11-year-old is still in critical condition. this is a tenant who saw his house mate excel rapidly in reverse. he saw the car backing up fast . all i could do is scream but she didn't stop. >> we have several developing stories we want to cope you updated on. interstate 95. the lanes stopped are northbound in harford county where fire crews are cleaning up after a truck fire. that means traffic is very, very
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slow. we're told no injuries as a result of the truck fire but emergency cruise are still on the scene -- crews are still on the scene. near fallston at the maryland 152 accident. we'll keep a watch on it and we'll give you more on the very stormy friday we're having. >> we're still on the storm alert. we have dangerous storms moving across the area. maryland's most powerful radar tracking the latest, coming up.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news out of harford county in fallston, a truck fire on 95 has slowed traffic considerably on 95 north and south. one lane is open heading north in the fallston area from that
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truck fire. we have gotten no reports of any injuries related to that fire but crews are on the scene. traffic, as a result in that area is quite a mess. we'll keep you updated as those lanes clerp and as traffic clears in the area. we want to show you harbor cam as we're monitoring severe weather in the the baltimore area which we have been doing for ours on abc2 and all of the warnings have expired at this point but we are continuing to watch other problems like flash flooding. mike? >> harbor cam showing us we still have powerful storms across the baltimore area. we had a tornado warning in pg county. they allowed that to exspiemplet anne arundel county until 5:30. we're mostly focused on the
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baltimore city limits to the towson line until 5:30, so another 15 minutes. also and the gurntion harford county, a severe thunderstorm warning. look at the warnings to the south. we have tornado warnings around d.c. and north carolina. we are still watching a very active picture on the radar scan. we have two cells. over towson along i-70 and 695. that's where we're seeing dangerous cloud to ground lightning. get indoors in towson with the lightning. go down toward the south, glen burnie, silver spring and all of pg and anne arundel county. we'll put a quick track on this to show you the progression. i showed you the newly issued warning. the cell is moving toward the northeast. that's going to be in parkville
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at 5:22. perry hall at 5:32. fallston at 5:50, so get ready for the storms. we're watching more storms to the south. take a look. test will pivot into our area. we'll have to watch it closely. the radar will be active out there next several hours has these are slow moving storms capable of producing flash flooding. a tornado watch will stay active until 9:00. all of our counties across the baltimore viewing area under the tornado watch. any storm that develops has the potential to rotate and cause a tornado. this is the first rod of storms moving across the area. you can see these storms will be moving to the north and east, dover beach, all of ocean city, you'll get rocked with this storm. the our storms lined up along the 95 cor re dore, from harford county to pg county.
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this is lifting to the north. you see a line of pretty strong thunderstorms set up. and this is receipt around the pennsylvania, maryland border. this will push everything offshore but it will come at a cost. 79 downtown. d.c. at 72. the role story is the humidity values, between 60 and 90%. that as creating a volatile atmosphere. we had powerful storms. so, nag, this current system is an expansive system. you can seat first part of the storms running from south to northeast. the second part of the storm
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system starting to clear out through cleveland back toward knoxsville. this will be a squall line that moves through during the course of the evening. let's go to the west. 65 in charleston. this is the disruption of hair that's creating, again, a volatile atmosphere but cooler air comes in as we head into later in the weekend. again, a huge storm system over the northern tier of the nation. that's what's responsible for all the storms. let's break down the forecast. 61 degrees eventually. we have to get through a lot of thunderstorms, very muggy and mild. tomorrow two degree guarantee. we'll keep the risk of a scattered shower but i think it's clearing skies as we head into tomorrow afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast, 82. 75 for saturday. sunday there's enough dynamics where we could see a spot shower
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or storm. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures back closer to average at 75. >> now you can take a bresmght of a -- breath. you've been going nonstop. you this for the most part the worst is over. >> i don't want to give the all clear. we're still inside what's called part one. i broke it into two parts. we're going to focus on harford county. we're going to focus on all of baltimore county continuing, carroll county. those are flash flood warnings. we call this training of storms where they're lined up from north to south. one storm after another. amazing. not only did they produce possible tornadoes but we do know that this produced a foot of rain. >> good job today.
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it was tough, very tns situation but -- tense situation. switching gears to another story making controversy, new debate over breast feeding in public. this time it's about moms who are military service members. abc2's roosevelt leftwich has more. >> reporter: it as all because of a picture, a photo of two women breast feeding their children while wearing their uniforms. many say it's a disgrace to the uniform. the problem is the international hall guard said it violates rules not because of the breast feeding but because they're not supposed to be supporting organizations while in union for. the women said most of the responses have been positive but she wasn't expect the negative. >> comparing us to the porn industry or urinating in public.
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>> reporter: they said airmen must present a professional -- this has raised a debate about how old is too old to breast feed. >> thank you very much. we are continuing to follow that breaking news in howard county. we want to show you the m dot camera. traffic is starting to move better. southbound still doing a little bit of rubber neck. it's look better. the commute a little more slowly with within lane open. no injuries as a result of a truck fire. we'll have for on the severe weather when we come receipt back.
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we're looking at a storm that's coming down. it's in sheets. that's a little glimpse. people seeing hail, trees down, a dicey afternoon. during the severe weather we've been encouraging you to download our weather app. we want you to text wmar to 46988. we want to tell you about a new app. it's called the storm shield. mike is here to give you
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potentially lifesaving information. >> tell me about it. it's available on itunes and it's called storm shield. >> we have storm shield, brand-new to abc2 news. again, we can customize this down to your location. this gives you active warnings. when we get them here, you'll get them on the mobile device. we'll show you tornado watches. you put in your zip code. it will narrow it down to your block. if there's any kind of inclement weather you'll know about it first, fast and accurate. take a look. it's showing you the interactive radar. we can customize it toward baltimore, if you're living in baltimore city, tornado watches, flash flood watches or warnings.
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it shows you what to expect. it says who will be affected, what towns will be affected, a very important tool thal we have just debuted for you exclusively on abc2 news. you'll know about it first boy using it -- by using it and let you know what storms are coming not only in the next three hours but the next 48 hours. it's a cool device. we can get it on the app store on itunes. >> a very busy friday afternoon thanks to the storms. we'll get to the latest, plus, we want to give you a live look. it appears more lanes are open north of maryland -- fallston, maryland, 152. a mess on 95 in harford county. we'll keep checking on that and
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keep you updated. we'll have another full check of your weather and how the weekend will shape up.


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